Bucket List

End of 2015 and 2016 Bucketlist

I’ve been delaying this for a long time, finding excuses not to write it… the sooner I get it up the faster I can start ticking these off the list. My old bucket list kind of got pushed out the way, I never achieved anything on it anyway… sometimes things happen in our lives and things don’t go according to plan. I’ve been making big changes in my life this year, I moved to a new country, started a new career from the bottom. While I do have some family in the country, I didn’t have any friends here so it kind of feels like starting life all over again. So it’s time for some new goals!

  1. Learn to play a musical Instrument.
  2. Visit Cinque Terre, Italy.
  3. Getting certified to be a spinning an instructor.
  4. Get a motorbike licence.
  5. Meditate daily.
  6. Work my ass off to fulfil my purpose.
  7. Make my dreams so big that they seem impossible.
  8. Join a gym (with a pool and a spin class).
  9. Get back into multi-sport training
  10. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  11. Go back home, for a holiday.
  12. Visit Sankt Michael Im Lungau, Austria.
  13. Hermanus, WC in October to see the whales.
  14. Visit Paris, France! I’m thinking April / May
  15. Visit my Sister in France or Italy, wherever she ends up on the yacht she works on.




By Jason

Just a guy :-)

3 replies on “End of 2015 and 2016 Bucketlist”

I so much need this post (topic) coz still trying to finish my upcoming bucket list :),. Thanks for sharing …

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