Sunset at Strand

So I was in Strand, WC, yesterday evening to go and visit my dad. While I was waiting for him at the beach front I was fortunate enough to be there as the sun was setting.

The 2 below photos were the first ones I took, I think they came out the best. The first one is without HDR, the second is with HDR. They are posted from instagram, no filters were added though.

The 2 below are from a few minutes later, I love the glare the first photo gives off. It kind of just lights up everything, the second one is a HDR photo.

The last photo is just a panorama shot of the beach.

Yes there are a lot of sunset photo’s out there and will be thousands more to come from everyone all over the world. In all honesty though, how often do you take the time to stop and appreciate the simple beauty that it creates?

Some Older Instagram Photo’s of Sunsets / Rises

On the drive home:

Below 2 Photo’s are from a friends balcony

then just after the sun set, I just loved the colour of the skyline.

The below photo was from a race I was doing in the Cradle of Humankind.

This is the instagram of the same cloud from a previous post.

Sitting in the traffic on the way to the office:

Sunrise over Sandton:

I can’t remember where this was, was probably while driving home though

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