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Old Bucket List

So this was my bucket list from 2 years ago (2013) and I accomplished none of the below (shameful, I know!). Having said that I have moved to London in August this year (biiiiig change) and hopefully some new goals will be up soon! 🙂

IronMan 5150 Bela Bela, Distance: 40km Ride, 10km Run, 1.5km Swim, Target Time: Dunno Yet

IronMan 70.3 Jan 2013, Distance: 90km Ride, 21.1km Run, 1.9km Swim, Target Time: 6 Hours

IronMan 2013, Distance 180.2km Ride, 42.2km Run, 3.8km Swim, Target Time: Before cutoff of 17 hours. I may delay this to 2014, all depends on my training :-).

Climb Kilimanjaro, haven’t decided on a date. Was suppose to happen this year (2012) but wasn’t planned properly, my fault. Estimated Climb Date: Late 2013, early 2014.

Travel to the South Pole

And the North Pole

Summit Mt Everest

Sky Dive

Bungee Jump

Do some Canopy Tours

Partake in the Volvo Ocean Race

Start Wine Tasting and learn more about Wines

Find some Road Running Races to finish

Find some Triathlons to finish

Become a certified spinning instructor

Get my SCUBA Diving licence

Learn to speak Afrikaans fluently, have the basics 😀

Learn a new language, then travel to that country where they speak it for a holiday 😀 Sto cercando di imparare l’italiano 🙂

Make new friends, you can never have enough of them 🙂

Live past 100

See the Northern Lights

Make this list longer!!


By Jason

Just a guy :-)

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