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Note 23 Jan 2020


First stop Munich, Germany

It’s been a busy few weeks, if not more, since my last post. Since then I have had a number of firsts, first time working for a large international corporate, first time skiing, first time playing in the ‘snow’, first time exploring the rest of Europe (outside of where I live now in the UK). As I sit now at international departures, had you asked me 2 years ago where I would be today I would have given you a completely different answer. I can’t say the past 2 years have been easy or good or even better but it certainly has been different.


Can you call an introduction to skiing, skiing? I think I spent half my time on my back… okay okay… it wasn’t that bad, it was only a few times. I must be honest though, I was wondering how my feet would handle it. To my surprise, I did okay, I showed CMT who was the boss. Our instructor, Gary, was a champ with the group and when I attempt it again later this week, all I’ll be thinking of now is how big my pizza slice (snow plough) must be before I start… If you have time and want to learn to ski, go check out The Snow Centre, I would highly recommend it… and you get to play in snow!! 🙂

Sunrise on the way to the airport this morning.


I’ll keep this post short and sweet! See you guys on the other side!

First stop Munich, Germany 🙂