To the start of new adventures

So I delayed writing this post until everything was confirmed, seems any-time I share good news before something happens it never seems to happen (that the law of attraction at work from past experiences maybe?).  Dear universe,  please start conspiring with me! My up and coming holiday in March is going to be exciting, well I hope so anyway.

Taken from Google, not my image. But this is where I’ll be going in Austria

Going to be meeting up with some friends in Austria , however before that I will have 2 days on my ace, from back home in South Africa and hopefully get some skiing in (first time for everything). There is always something magical for me about meeting up with friends in foreign places other than your home town, the universe at work colluding to make memorable moments maybe? Maybe on the same token it’s a testament to the power of your relationships with those around you(friends, family, however you are connected).

One of my favourite places to go mountain biking – Northern Farms, Johannesburg, South Africa

I’ll then be jetting off home to Johannesburg, South Africa, to catch up with family and friends.

A beautiful sunset – Signal Hill, Cape Town, South Africa

Then down to Cape Town for a family wedding, hopefully find some time for some friends. (I’ll have to make time 🙂 ). 4 countries, 5 cities in 2 weeks and a lot of time in transit! Thinking about it, won’t be much of a holiday… more of an adventure 🙂

The start of many adventures and time to starting ticking off many bucket list items!




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