Getting lost on the last day of 2015

This morning as I was reading up on some blogs and finishing my post on Littleborough, I read this post about getting lost. I’ve always felt I needed to travel, I’ve always had this burning ambition deep down of wanting to explore the world. For a long time I’ve always said I should move to a foreign county and just explore it, not always possible (I think anyway) to absorb so much of the culture in the short breaks we like to call ‘holidays’.

As it is was a beautiful winters day here in the UK (not all bad),  I decided to head out and explore this beautiful country side to get lost. I had the intention of stopping first for lunch at this little café I keep meaning to try out, which ended up being closed, and then decided to explore a local park nearby, which was also closed… Just my luck! Not wanting to be beaten, I decided to just follow the path and see where it lead me.


As it turns out, it wasn’t all bad.. I ended up with some beautiful views of the Surrey countryside, I even stumbled up what looked like some kind of bike park.

As I turned around and headed homewards I ended up walking past one of the local farms on my way to the local park. I need to add horse-riding to my bucket list, I have always wanted to learn.

After I left the park, I bumped into this elderly gentleman, named Frank, and had a lovely chat with him for a couple of minutes. It is always fascinating what kinds of people you will meet along the way. To end off a good afternoon I decided to stop off for lunch at the local pub, been living here in this little town for 3 months already and haven’t even been once.


Was a good afternoon reflecting on the past year, hasn’t been all good! At least it ended off with some exploring. Here is to a travel filled 2016!


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