Dealing with delays and a short stint to Littleborough

The travel bug bit me long a ago, been a really long time since I’ve really travelled anywhere. Okay that is not quite, true… I will follow this up with another post. Also unless you count the fact that I moved to London a few months ago… This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spendingChristmas with family in Manchester that I have no seen in many many moons. Although I was only there for 2 days, well 2 full days at the least, it was great to get out and about again. The UK country side is absolutely beautiful, the little town of Littleborough was just breath-taking.


Although I never got the opportunity to explore it fully, I will definitely be back. Having spent all my life in South Africa, I can say it has been a privilege to explore the small town where my part of my family is from.

Littleborough Station (Always the best day on the day you leave)

Anyway the point of my post is that I’m sure any regular traveller would have to deal with delays while travelling. Imagine my surprise when I got to the train station this morning to head home and only to find out all the trains have been cancelled, from what I understood they were either cancelled /delayed pretty from Scotland down towards Manchester. Out comes Google maps, local travel boards and help from the family to make alternative arrangements to get back. Yay for having to work the next day.. haha. Although I suppose I can’t really complain, if things like this didn’t happen where would travellers get there stories from? What was supposed to be an hours travel back to Piccadilly Station turned into a 3 hour journey, 1 bus and 2 trams rides combined. This was followed by a bit of a rush to the ticket counter to jump on the next train which was leaving in the next 5 minutes. Sitting on the train writing this post thinking back on the mad rush this morning, what would we do without technology. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it at the moment. Today it was definitely useful. Thank you Google maps (even though you’re not always accurate) it’s definitely convenient to have most of the travel options available in one place. Even though I’ll edit this post later, I’m signing off and enjoying the beautiful country side going back home to Surrey.

Let me know how / what you use to deal with delays?


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