Quick Training / Race Update

So not having written anything for a while which includes my supposed weekly training updates, I have decided to a bit of a round up on my training, races and whatever else slips in between. I definitely need to make some more time available to keep this updated with some race reports and some weekly training reports.

As I mentioned in my last blog I had a second road running race planned which was the McCarthy Volkswagen Night Race, as I am still new to running I did the 5km ‘fun run’, with more training I will eventually work my up to 10, 15 and then 21km. Even though it was only a 5km run, it was rated a 5/5 for difficulty, and the hills were mean!! Coming in across the finish line at 39 mins, 9 mins than my average from last year, then again I was running at least once a week compare to the once a month I’m currently doing (terrible I know), I did decide though after this race I would focus on my riding until after the Argus Cycle Tour after which point I will pick up my running again 😀

The Sunday following my run was the Emperor’s Palace Classic – this was my first time doing the race and I quite enjoyed it barring the last few km’s. Waiting at the start eagerly in my RFAD kit I was pleasantly surprised when one of my mates from spinning class pitched up kitted out in his RFAD kit to. It is always nice riding with someone know or the few km’s off the start.. Being a much stronger rider he bolted off with the faster bunch in the start group, once my legs had warmed up I slipped in the second bunch and headed off with a nice pace. My race was going great up to the half way mark when I lost my one water bottle and then again at the 91km when I took my last bit of water expecting the race only to be 97km. However when I reached the 97km and no finish line in sight it was a little disheartening having paced myself for that distance but I pushed on and eventually crossed the finished line having racked up 103km. Although not my best race I am happy that I finished with a time of 3h25 even though the last 6km took me about 20mins to finish.

The Dis-Chem Ride For Sight was another race I was totally looking forward to and also my first race with my club. Our club was fortunate enough to be sponsored by Bausch & Lomb and I must say we all looked pretty good. Having been told by everyone the first half of this race is very fast I can only agree with that having reached the 37km mark with anaverage speed of 40km/h. Unfortunately I was the unlucky recipient of a pot-hole, riding in such a big group and travelling at such a fast pace these sneaky buggers pop out of nowhere and with the guy in front of me swerving out of the way at the last second I had no time to react and hit it.  I was fortunate enough not to come off my bike but my rim took all the punishment and unfortunately got damaged in the process putting me out of the race and my first DNF 🙂 Until next year Dis-Chem Ride For Sight, you better be ready for me 😀

The last 2 weekends have resulted in some pretty good club rides. This past weekend though I have put in some great training. Friday kicked off with a strength spinning class, was a fantastic class and I swear we had no time to rest working almost full out for 45 minutes.

Saturday the club set out for a 100km planned route with tons of climbing planned. Although we pulled back in to the car lot about 5 hours and 98km later we got some great hill climbing in pushing in at around 1000m.

Sunday I headed out into the cradle with my mate Chris as we both doing the Argus and one of us (Chris) needing all the training we can get. I must be honest the Cradle is one of my favourite places to train being a nature reserve there is plenty wildlife and very little cars. With the route I had planned (More hills yay) we headed towards the Rhino and Lion Park, if you get there early enough you can catch the Lions sitting along the fencing watching all their potential food.. err.. I mean all the cyclists passing by J Heading further on out the scenery opens up and makes for some spectacular Sunday morning riding. Yes I pushed Chris a little on this ride but was all worth it though, another 3 hours in the saddle, 65km later and 500m more climbing 😀 Good rides all round.

To finish up my training for this weekend I talked my friend Anne who is also my Monday morning spinning instructor into giving us some climbs for the class (Don’t you just love hills?). 45 minutes later and working all out again my legs were absolutely dead (Thanks Anne!!). Although I’m not complaining as when my HR shoots up like it did in this class from all the hard work you walk out of the class on a high (got to love endorphins).  So… great spinning classes, fantastic rides, lots of climbing, fair amount of km’s results in a pretty good weekend of training.

Today was a rest day and couldn’t have come at a better time. For the rest of the week, I have 2 spin classes planned before I head off down to Cape Town on Friday with Chris for a much needed 2 week holiday and to nail my Argus Cycle Tour. Next week I will slip in a few rides during the week to keep my legs ready for the big day and I shall hopefully get in my first proper race report once I’ve completed it.

Until then



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