Staying Positive

A friend of mine made a comment the other night, she said “I wish I could visit every single country in the world” to which I replied to her that her comment was all wrong it should say “I am going to visit every single country in the world”, it was that that got me thinking. Does positive thinking really make a difference? I honestly and truly believe it does!

Now before all you pessimists come out of your holes and shoot me down by saying ‘it’s easier said than done’ or ‘but try walking in my shoes’ or any other excuse you want to throw at me or ask ‘how bad could your situation be?’. So how bad could my situation be, well I live with hereditary disease that slowly wastes away my muscles and nerves over time. A disease that could put me in a wheel chair one day, a disease that makes walking difficult, makes some of the smallest tasks seem difficult (See my post on CMT). Did I mention there is no cure? Sounds pretty depressing right? Well why does it have to be? I don’t let it get me down, why should you let anything get you down? Yes we all sometimes have our off days, but just let it be that a day, one day, don’t carry it over to the next. So how does one think or stay positive / happy? I could spend a whole day talking about different ways to do it but i’m not going to so here is some of my ways:

Play some good music – Whether it be oldies and you sing at the top of your voice, or some house that has that get up and go vibe, even some Jazz the type that touch’s your soul and just makes you feel good. Whatever music it is, start playing it now!!

Exercising – I guess one of the reasons I love my training is that I always feel good after a workout and there is a reason for that. Endorphin’s – as it is so commonly said Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals and are released through exercise. Now I know why I walk out of every cardio class feeling so good and on top of the world 😀 So not only do you get a mood booster from exercising but you’re also getting into great shape,  it’s win win really.

The Law of Attraction – Yes I said it because it’s true. Ever wonder why those happy people 😀 are always in a good mood :D, or why some people always get what they want.  Just think back to your last bad day where nothing was going your way, just one problem after another, usually what happens right? Now think back to your last great day you had, where everything was going your way. Obviously on your bad day you were thinking lots of negative thoughts and your good day because you were thinking positive thoughts. What you waiting for, get those positive thoughts out there and start attracting what you want!!

Setting goals – Write down your goals, anything you want to achieve / have in your life whatever it is put them down on paper. Writing your goals down serves as reminder of what you’re working towards and it also helps to commit it to memory. Don’t forget to put your list in a place where you will read it everyday, this will help keep you focused. Remember to write down your goals as if you achieved them already, doing so will keep you motivated / excited to achieve it! There is no better feeling than knowing you achieved something you set out to do.

Just to finish off –  One of the techniques I have learnt from NLP is that ‘There is no failure on feedback’, in a nutshell if you don’t get the result you want, change your way of approaching / thinking towards that situation.

Hope this helps you to stay positive 😀 If any of you gents and ladies have any ways / tips on how to stay positive please feel free to share them. Hope you guys have a rocking day and weekend! 😀

Remember: Don’t wish, do!


One thought on “Staying Positive”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. So much truth in what you have said. We just don’t do it enough!

    You have inspired me today by sharing your words and I will most likely look back on what you have said as a reminder but also to share it with others.

    Keep up the good work.


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