Weekly Training Review Week 4 (23 Jan – 29 Jan)

Hi Guys and Gals

Ok so I said I would consider doing a weekly update of my training, up to this point i haven’t had the time to get started until now. Then again if I don’t start now, I might not start at all  🙂 To be honest since I’ve started getting back into my training after being sick in December, I have been getting the gym a little later than I usually do which has been knocking about 10 – 20 mins off my training time. It might not seem like a lot but when cardio classes start at a set time and I usually arrive 30 mins before the time to get warmed up and make sure my muscles are stretch properly, maybe for most people this is not so important but now that I’m really thinking about it, it may be the reason I incurred a sporting injury later in the week. Seems routine once broken can be quite hard to get back into. So here is my summary of training for the past week:

Monday – started off a bit slow with a 30 min strength session, had to kind of rush this a little to make my spinning class, 45 mins of endurance 🙂 Want to start your Monday morning off with a bang, start it off with a cardio class 😀

Tuesday – 1 hour of spinning, focused a lot on speed work, light to medium resistance with the odd hill climb.

Wednesday – This was supposed to be a strength session followed by some time in the pool. Strength session went well with my focus being on shoulders and chest. When it came time for me to jump in the pool I opted to follow my workout with 20 – 30 mins focusing on core muscles and stretching, reason being the all the lanes in the pool were full and i really did not feel like waiting. I suspect everyone might be training for the mid-mar mile as I have not seen the pool as busy as it has been over the past week.

Thursday – 1 hour of spinning, although the worst hour of spinning in my life. Our usual spinning instructor was out of town. Took me a minute or two to realise that when he said work at 70% he was not talking about working at 70% of my maximum effort but rather resistance level of 7, his music had the same tempo for the duration of the class and did not tie in with any of the sets we were doing and to make matters worse I could barely hear a word he was saying over the music. My last moan and groan for his class would be that the levels of resistance we worked was not planned, seemed more like he guessed what level to work at every 30 seconds…
Was also during the last part of this class when I noticed my muscle in my ankle seemed to be taking some strain. Not sure what I did to it but might be a result of not properly warming up and a terrible spinning class. Just what I need, first sporting injury for the year.

Friday – Taken the day off to rest my ankle.

Saturday – Taken the day off again to rest my ankle and missing my weekly club ride 😦

Sunday – My ankle was feeling a lot better this morning and I decided I needed to wear in my new running shoes as well. The result being a 5km run broken down into walking / jogging intervals. It’s also been a week and a half since my last run so I decided it would be a good idea not to push too hard and risk further injuries as well.

I didn’t track my training at all this week and as such can’t really provide more detail, lazy on my part but glad this terrible week of training is over. Let’s hope this coming week brings with it better training 🙂 I have a road running race planned for Wednesday night as well, it is only 5km that I’ll be doing but we all have to start off somewhere and build up slowly to the longer distances. This will be my second road race for the year and to be quite honest I’m actually quite enjoying the road running.  Hope everyone has had a better week of training over this past week than I have had and even better weekend.

Catch up with you again in a weeks’ time 😀


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