Why do we push ourselves? We do we like to compete? Whether it is in sports, playing games, at the office or really just anything we do? I think as humans these things just come naturally to us – always wanting to be first, always wanting to be the best, whether we are competing or challenging ourselves or everyone else. Everyone has that inner drive that pushes them, but maybe it is how we control that drive that will define us, that will be your answer as to why? 

It’s a question I sometimes wonder in my races and on the odd occasion a long training session – you’re riding up a hill, the sun is beating down on you, it’s the middle of the day and you’re about 2/3 into the race, the people next to you are walking or crawling up the hill at the same snail pace you’re going. You’re legs are screaming at you to stop, the sweat is pouring off your head and yet for some unknown reason your legs are still turning and your bike is still going forward and  then you start thinking why? Okay the conditions aren’t always this bad, now and then. I’m sure this is a question  fellow athletes sometimes or anyone in a challenging situation ask themselves. I mean why would anyone want to put themselves through this?

Why? Let me tell you some of my reasons – I do it because I love my sports. I do it because I love the challenge. I do it because I want to beat everyone else (or at least try). I do it because I see every hill as a challenge,a challenge I am determined to overcome every time I encounter it. I do it because I love exercising but at the same time I want to know where my limits are and when I find them, I’ll do everything in my power to push past them,train harder, become faster, stronger. I do it because I want to show my CMT who is the boss, it does not run my body – I do. I do it because more than likely if I don’t train, my muscles will get weaker. I do it because at the top of every steep hill is a beautiful downhill. I do it because after each workout when your muscles start screaming at you, you know it was a good workout. I do because I want to inspire people, even if it’s just one person, I know I made a difference. I do it because it’s my passion!
What drives you??

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