Mountain Biking

So yesterday I went for a ride with one of my best mates (Chris) and his dad, they’re both pretty big into mountain biking, where as I am just getting into it.

Seeing as both myself and Chris arrived late, we headed out… Chris’s dad set the pace out front and what a pace it was – I swear these 2 are crazy – trying to keep up with sometimes is a bit hair raising, however I  try my best. I believe flying down a hill off road and not being clipped into my pedals does contribute to my hairs standing on end though, currently I am riding my mountain bike in my cross trainers, and on more than a few occasions my feet have gone flying off my pedals. To be honest I cannot wait until I can get my SPD Cleats and shoes, not looking forward to the learning curve but in the long run it should pay off. There is just something about being clipped into your bike that makes you feel more secure, I can’t quite explain it though…

Not long into our ride Chris’s dad comes off his bike, one of the pedestrians on the side of the road got a fright while he was riding past him and somehow managed to knock his dad into the ditch. A minute later he is back on his bike and flying off again down the hill as if nothing happened.

A few minutes later Chris shouts over at me and says “don’t pull your front brake”, so I shout back at him and say “why would I do that?” the response I get is “you’ll see”, about now I start thinking to myself this does not sound good..  As we approach a slightly steep rocky downhill and I go to my ‘take it easy mode’ and go down slowly and cautiously, I still have not lost enough brain cells yet to go flying down at the pace my 2 comrades decided to go down, and for good reason. As I reach the bottom of the rocky section, about 200m down the way I see Chris lying on his back. As I race over to him and now wondering what on earth had happened, I drive past the culprit that had put my mate into this state, a ditch of about 30cm in width where a little stream seems to flow from time to time. He had obviously taken the wrong line and was going a bit too fast (I think he just wanted to buy some land).

The rest of the ride was not as eventful as the first 20 minutes turned out to be but I guess thats why after a good mountain bike ride there is so many stories to tell as apposed to riding on the road. I did manage to get a good ride though with Chris’s Dad, Chris unfortunately he had to return back to HQ to recover from a nasty graze from his fall. The photo’s I took of the damage, from the app I use to track my training, for some reason does not get saved. For some unknown reason the app decided to pause my tracking 15 minutes into the ride. I will have a look at this, hopefully next time I can post some photo’s.
I did manage to get about 2.5 hour ride in, and the hill that we rode down turns out to be a 300m climb on the way back. Riding this hill on my road bike and riding it off road are two different beasts… Give me a few months and I will conquer it..

Enough rambling from me for now.. this week is a ‘take it easy’ week as I have the 94.7 MTB Challenge this coming Sunday. Wish me luck!


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