Catch Up

Hey All
Hope you all been keeping well and training hard!
There is so much to say, but I don’t want rant on either… Iwill just have to keep some of ranting for my next post..
Just a quick update from the Argus I did in March, Ifinished the race in 4h45, I was on track for my goal time of 3h30 butunfortunately a cramp got hold of my one leg half way through the race, bit ofa downer but I was just glad to have finished the race. I’ll just have to waitand see how I fair for next year’s race, maybe I can push for a 3h00 finish.
I also finish a 101km race in September, the Rand Water Racefor Victory, managed to finish that in 3h50 without getting any road rides insince the Argus. It was a cold winter this time round and there was no chance Iwas doing my rides in shorts – I think it’s time to invest in some wintercycling gear.
My next race, well actually my next 2 races I have plannedfor the year still is the 94.7 MTB Challenge and then the 94.7 Cycle Challenge.I am hoping to finish the Road Race in about 3h00, I have put a lot of trainingin for it and I absolutely believe I can do it. I am doing the race this yearfor the Reach For A Dream Foundation, if you are interested in sponsoring me,the banking details for the foundation ( can befound at alternatively drop me an email and I will forward you the details. It really isfor a good cause, just when you think you have it bad it really is heartbreaking to look at some of these children and to just see what they are goingthrough, if I can raise enough money even for just 1 child’s dream to come truethen I believe I have made a difference.

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